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La isla de los sueños exóticos a tus pies
  • Cheiro - - on photo :
    Uaka uaka...
  • diesel - - on photo :
    Haha. Estou muito mais velho, agora?
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Videos from Palawan :
  • Bus watching Palawan's tranquil lands
    05 December 2009

    Palawan, Phils

    Travelling to Palawan north after the lost tribes, it was peaceful afternoon and local life is plenty of joy and nice people at every stop we make... It was a long way till Port Barton but always worth it.

  • Friend snorkelling somewhere in Port Barton Coast
    06 December 2009

    Port Barton, Palawan, Phils

    It's good to see how excited we got when discovering the fantastic snorkelling this venue provided. Close to paradise, we floated for a while alone and together, together and alone...

  • Kayaking on a secret lake
    07 December 2009

    El Nido, Palawan, Phils

    Staring at such a wonderful place, we couldn't even paddle for a while when seeing the lime-rock stones around and a place that was like from an adventure movie... The only -typical- problem is we were not alone.... :)

  • Snorkelling my way
    06 December 2009

    Port Barton, Palawan, Phils

    This time I have a long take in my own, while trying to see more species and never leave this place. But they call me from the boat and we have to go... :( We will come back, Port Barton!

  • Dead on fishes
    07 December 2009

    El Nido, Palawan, Phils

    Am I dead? Seems like, everything is blue and I float between all this friendly fishes that even touch me and look at me like saying 'Welcome to paradise Dani' ohhhoohooou. I swear I didn't have any food to attract them!

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