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Pandan Island

...y si me voy un fin de semana a buscar algo hermoso? Primera escapada en el archipiélago!
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    did know that the dude in left has pass away a few months after you take this?....and that the dude in right is now so lonely...missing him...
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    on the foot of this coconut tree... you will find my home...
  • diesel - - on photo :

    I remember your place!

    I am sorry about the old man...
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    This place is in San Jose right?...I've been there last week, April 28-30, 2011...you know...searching for another job...well, I was just amaze because it looks like Tabuk, the place where I am residing....did you notice it?
  • diesel - - on photo :
    Yes, I was departing from San jose to Sablayan on top of a bus the day before I met you. Pandan was so grrreat!
    Thanks to you and your brother!
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    My memory of this day is as clear as the crystalline water in Pandan Island! Its been four years my dear friend!
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    And today (November 21, 2013, 9:59 AM here in our office' clock) is exactly the day and time this picture was taken.
  • diesel - - on photo :
    Yes Michael!
    Can't believe four years passed since such a wonderful day.
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    Whats up my friend?... any update?...
  • 7023 - - on photo :
    I am organizing my schedule for the rest of the month and this moment just pop-up in my mind... Perhaps visiting Pandan Island this coming weekend is worth to insert in my to do list:) Its been 6 years my friend. A lot of things has changed but the memories remain intact... :)
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Videos from Pandan Island:
  • A little tricycle ride from airport downtown
    20 November 2009

    San Jose, Mindoro, Phils

    The main, easiest, cheapest transport in the Philippines is the tricycle. They are everywhere and can go with up to 5 people on them... Short distances are all covered by the funny tricycles.

  • Bus deck-over trip towards Sablayan and Pandan island
    20 November 2009

    Mindoro, Phils

    And what if a bus service gets stuffed? No wait: you just travel standing, over someone... or why not, in the roof. Happy with it, I jumped over this bus and had a couple hours enjoying sunset, views, and, as you can see on it, dealing with the branches of the trees that stroke me. hahaha

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