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I wanna sleep in.... that beach
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Videos from Thailand:
  • My swim at Maya Beach
    29 December 2009

    Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

    After a walk thru the jungle, you find The Beach and it's all for you. All the sequence till I dive and enjoy my own sunset here. Happy

  • A night at The Beach
    29 December 2009

    Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

    Of course I still don't know how but I managed to stay at this beach for one night... It is forbidden and you need to get it from some organizers but I squeezed in and had an incredible night with a great atmosphere with all the people who stayed with me.

  • Sunset at Ton Sai
    30 December 2009

    Krabi, Thailand

    The paradise for climbers, this beach has a unique hippie atmosphere that turns it so special. There's plenty of cheap budget and nice bars in the beach, this is the place to go with friends and enjoy life. As you can see, climbing, kayaking and snorkelling are easy to do here...

  • Beach walk at Ton Sai
    30 December 2009

    Krabi, Thailand

    This is my way back to my bungalow, walking along the beach and listening to all the different musics from the bars. There was probably a spanish colony around cause there was too much Manu Chao... The grand new years party was coming...

  • Travelling between 2 wagons
    5 April 2010

    Udon Thani, Thailand

    When I crossed northeastern Thailand from Cambodia to Laos, one of the many transports was a train and sometimes it was better to go between the wagons than inside... 8|

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