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A massive dose of future and cosmopolitan behaviour
  • flordelparaiso - - on photo :
    Me encanta!!!!
    Parece un país de juguete...
    Muy buenas tus fotos, tenes un buen punto de vista...
    Me pareció divina la de tus pies con chanclas, rodeados de zapatos!!!
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Videos from Tokyo:
  • The Shibuya Cross
    1 September 2010

    Shibuya, Tokyo

    One of the most famous pedestrian crosses in the world, doubtless. Anytime, anyday, hundreds of pedestrians get crossed on every green light. I was there on a quiet point of the day, but imagine how this grows on weekends or rush hours. And then I thought of pitching the video a bit to make it fun.

  • The sushi bar dinner
    31 August 2010

    Asakusa, Tokyo

    One sushi dinner with friends in a real sushi place! The turning exhibition of small dishes lets u choose whatever, and the color of the dishes is the distinction of the prices... And yes! When you order the bill, they come with a detector that counts the dishes and add the different prices, and after all the billing info is transferred to a plastic card, with which you pay upon leaving. Very interesting.

  • A look into a Manga Video and Book Store
    1 September 2010

    Akihabara district, Tokyo

    While walking around Akihabara, with all the games and manga stores around, I had to see what kind of Manga content you can purchase in there... So with the camera hanging in a subtle way, I went in and saw the funny comics and porno stuff... Check!

  • The old arcade gaming platform rescued!
    1 September 2010

    Akihabara district, Tokyo

    Hahaha... Couldn't believe how players are so interested still in our old times' fashioned games, like Street Fighter I and II and so many others... Or yes I do: me myself would love to play them again... on real machines.

  • Let us party a bit around Roppongi
    2 September 2010

    Roppongi, Tokyo

    Did you think I could leave Tokyo without checking its nightlife? NO. It was a Thursday and there was not a big club scene to check, but walking around I made quick local friends who took me to this club and around... fun fun fun

  • Tokyo Karaoke
    3 September 2010

    Muse Club, Roppongi, Tokyo

    I was so happy to have the chance, with these spontaneous colleagues I met in the famous Muse Club, to test myself the real karaoke feeling in a private luxurious cabin. They invited me to come in after a chat, and in a while we were confident enough to sing madly, as this lady does at the end of the video. Lost in translation?

  • The spectacular experience of the Tsukiji fish market and auction
    3 September 2010

    Tsukiji district, Tokyo

    WOW. Early as never, after party and karaoke, some 4.30am, I thought: Will I be awake any other day at this time? NO, so lets try the famous fish auction of Tsukiji. I started walking slowly but suddenly... I found myself in the middle of an auction. They wouldn't let me record it so I had to find my way around to get these wonderful video catches.

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