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Although I thought it was a little bit too much to include videos on every trip, there are some takes from different trips that I find interesting, uploadable and shareable.
If you like watching videos, have a look at some of the nicest experiences I've had in the last months.

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  • Coconut expert works
    13 March 2010

    Donsol, Philippines

    After the experience of whale sharks, hungry as never before, we go to find a nice restaurant for some seafood. It is called Baracuda, great place. And by its side these coco-cracks amused me with their expertise-level...

  • Cambodia

  • Monkeys at Angkor Wat
    3 April 2010

    Angkor Temples, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat temple is surrounded, like most of temples, by water, in an artificial island. The forest around the temple was a nice walk, good source of sounds, and a chance to meet this funny monkeys. Chilling after the exhausting visit to this wonderful temple.

  • Laos

  • Kayaking downstream Nam Xong River
    8 April 2010

    Vang Vieng, Laos

    The shallow rivers I saw in Laos were challenging me for a kayak try. So I got a K1 and went far away downstream from Vang Vieng... So far I came back very late & dark and the owner was upset!

  • Tubing inside a water cavern
    9 April 2010

    North from Vang Vieng, Laos

    Tubing is sitting on a doughnut-shaped floater and letting current push u along a river. This time we entered a natural cool-water cavern with headlights and then followed a rope and paddled with hands to go very far inside (around 300m). It's dark and full of stalactites but u get the idea...

  • Tacloban

  • Swimming in the fresh clean water of Golden River, in Panhulugan Cliff
    23 May 2010

    Basey, Samar, Phils

    The name Panhulugan is from the Waray-Waray word “hulug” which means to drop from a top. Filipino rebels used this cliff as an ambush point during the Filipino-American war, throwing big stones to american boats from top. A place that reminded me of an old film I saw long ago, "The emmerald forest"... Check it!

  • Siquijor

  • Moto-looking for waterfalls around Siquijor island
    29 May 2010

    Siquijor island, Phils

    Moto riding is the only outdoor way to scape from the heath, and this island has quiet roads with no jeepneys or trucks. So just riding around is one of the best entertainments I found so far in this country. After some nice scuba I decide to look for some small waterfalls that are somewhere in the island as the final day-refreshment!

  • Waterfalling at last!
    29 May 2010

    Siquijor island, Phils

    I always wanted to go behind a waterfall. I saw it when child on some film and I thought it'd be a sort of deep connection with nature. This is not a big waterfall but still offered a good shelter behind where I had that moment... So cool and refreshing!

  • Moto-looking for a quiet beach where I can sleep tonight
    29 May 2010

    Siquijor island, Phils

    And now where do I sleep? Of course in a beach with no people and some natural protection from wind or rain. So asking and riding around again, this time for a natural bed, this is when I found what I was looking for. A very special shore with some seaweed, where plancton lived and lightened as I walked around later at night.

  • Free Style Hike in the r e a l jungle
    30 May 2010

    Siquijor island, Phils

    I felt like a sort of monkey here. I almost got naked and started jumping and shouting between branches... Although it was a -relatively- dry and sunny day, this jungle was so real that it was all wet and drops were falling all the time. I saw snakes and heard weird animals. And I run...

  • Bohol

  • Diving around Balicasag island
    12 June 2010

    Balicasag, Panglao island, Bohol, Phils

    Be patient with this video. Let it download for a while, since it is rendered at high quality and furthermore, it is TEN minutes long! But it is worth it; I recorded all this video -although I inserted some captions of myself in the middle-, and there's turtles, big jack fish school, nemos, incredible chorals and a loooong etcetera...
    See the original version in vimeo.