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Although I thought it was a little bit too much to include videos on every trip, there are some takes from different trips that I find interesting, uploadable and shareable.
If you like watching videos, have a look at some of the nicest experiences I've had in the last months.

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  • Trying some waterfalls in Antequera
    14 June 2010

    Bohol, Phils

    I couldn't leave the island without checking some falls in the area -traditional in my trips already-. They're fun and so refreshing, made me a great massage in my back and feet, and I had a wonderful time playing with them, climbing, going behind, jumping over... Nature here was amazing and I think it is worth to see. Check pictures also!

  • Shanghai

  • Walking thru Yu Yu Garden
    3 July 2010

    Shanghai, China

    Walking around I went to this place which is good for eating and shopping... Looks very chinese and was fun. You see, chinese and chinese and chinese....

  • Expo 2010: El Pabellón de España!
    4 July 2010

    Expo 2010, Shanghai, China

    Expo 2010 on a Sunday is a sort of suicide. It is so HOT and crowded. Most of the people are locals. The looong queues for some pavilions are sometimes ridiculous, so I went for the easy ones. Of course I went to visit the spanish one, worthing the not-too-long-queue. The surface was made of some sort of basketwork panels in brown colors, looking all like a tiger (2010=tiger year in china). Brilliant. If you want to see how it was inside, check this video! and see album pictures also.

  • I'm riding in the rain.... lalalaaa
    4 July 2010

    Somewhere in Shanghai, China

    In the way back from Expo it was raining hard and we rided bikes home. It was hot so rain was kinda not annoying at all! I followed Marie and I was contemplating the city while lost in my thoughts. And then I wanted to share the moment so I took my camera and rided peacefully... in the rain.

  • Busuanga

  • A bit of a snorkel underneath a big rock-mountain
    10 July 2010

    Around Coron, Busuanga, Phils

    I wanted to go thru this hole underwater, below a limestone mountain, and got trapped floating against top of it. After I found a family of nemos, defending as usual their eggs inside the plant, and then I looked around overwater to see the place. Very beautiful...

  • We swim in the secret lake of Cangayan
    10 July 2010

    Caganyan lake, Coron island, Busuanga, Phils

    There's such a lot of nature here! And tranquility around you, in the cristal water, in the mountains around you, and therefore in your soul. I felt home here. It could only be improved by fresh raindrops falling smoothly in your face and in your back, making a little massage, and bringing a state of happiness and joy.

  • Dancing with a flower in a secret lake while raining
    10 July 2010

    Caganyan lake, Coron island, Busuanga, Phils

    Floating in this beautiful lake with all this relaxing feelings, I found a very tiny flower dancing in front of my eyes for me. I had nothing else to do but following her and watching her dance. I had music on my mind, don't remember which, but something similar to what I added to this video...

  • Camiguín

  • In the Katihawasan Falls
    07 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    With 70 meters high, this is one of the most beautiful falls I've ever seen. It was an awesome venue here and it was fun to play around, though direct water was a little bit harming on skin!

  • Swimming against a waterfall current, in Tuwasan falls
    08 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    This waterfall is much stronger than it looks. When the water touches down, a big wind is generated around and all the water goes away badly. Trying to swim against is just... impossible.

  • My own mania to go behind the waterfalls, in Tuwasan
    08 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    I admit this is my mania. But I have to do it: going behind this one was dangerous, as its violence if it gets you down will crash you in the rocks... Tricky, but accomplished.